Jakarta is well known for two things: it’s the capital and the most prosperous city of Indonesia; and its horrendous traffic congestion.

So the best thing for a traveller to do is to fly-in, stay in the hotel, meet some people, get some work done and fly-out?

The truth is, Jakarta has so much to offer: world-class hotels, shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment, for all ages, better and cheaper than some of the top cities in Asia and even Bali!

And the traffic dies down over the weekend! Come Sunday and it’s Jakarta Car-Free Day right at the Selamat-Datang Monument where thousands come to enjoy the festival mood.

If you are looking for a city escape to white sandy beaches to relax, or just to spend time with your loved ones, take a short boat ride to the Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu) and you will be mesmerized by white sandy beaches and clean crystal-clear water, perfect for swimming, snorkelling and diving!

We love Jakarta and we want to promote Jakarta to the region and the world that it is the unique weekend getaway destination in Asia.

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Enjoy Jakarta.

Russell Cheong