Anomali Coffee – Kopi Asli Indonesia

Coffee Anomali 01 Building

The Food & Beverage scene in Jakarta is extremely vibrant and the local expresso styled cafes have grown by leaps and bounds since Starbucks opened shop here more than a decade ago.

A good friend recommended we should visit Anomali Coffee, an acclaimed home-grown Indonesian expresso styled coffee chain that not only operates but also retails coffee making equipment and conducts barista courses.

Housed in a distinctive 3-storey red brick shop-house with arch doorways, the outlet we visited in Kemang, South Jakarta, has a huge roaster at its shop-front.

Coffee Anomali 02 Counter

This local expresso joint specialises in local coffee beans- coffee beans sourced from all over Indonesia. And why not when Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee bean producer in the world. Indonesian coffee beans are less acidic compared to those from Central America and East Africa. Out of the 500,000 metric ton produced annually, over 35% are consumed domestically.

Coffee Anomali 03 Blackboard


Coffee Anomali 13 Beans For Sale

The ground level where the barista counter and cake display chillers are, has a warehouse theme with gunnysacks of coffee beans decorating the interior.

Coffee Anomali 05 Interior

The baristas were friendly and obliging,  explaining the different types of coffee beans and how they were brewed. Peter Chong and Tony Johor Kaki were with me when we checked out this place.

Coffee Anomali 04 Coffee Art


Coffee Anomali 06 Barista


Coffee Anomali 07 Filtering

We had a  double expresso and ristretto that were according to Peter “had a great crema, and a lovely body.” We also had the special brew from Toraja and Aceh, and  cappuccino art with “I love Jkt”.

Coffee Anomali 08 Cuppucino

Prices are very affordable. The joint was having a promotion when we visited- cappuccino with New York Cheese Cake, only IDR45,000 !!

Coffee Anomali 09 Promotion

More seats on the second level, including alfresco. Very nice ambience. The joint comes with free wi-fi.

Coffee Anomali 10 Alfresco


Coffee Anomali 11 Alfresco

Anomali Coffee is probably one of the very few local cafe that brands itself as “100% Indonesian coffee”, and I like that. We ought to support local while embracing “international”.

Coffee Anomali 12 Cup

So when you are in Kemang, this is one nice coffee shop to relax, enjoy and to spend time with friends and love ones.

Cappuccino Art 27,272
Toraja DR 26,363
Aceh PL 23,636
All Prices in Indonesian Rupiah. Exclude 10% Tax.

Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 72 Unit G South Jakarta 12730,
Tel: 021 7194742 (Kemang Branch)
Website: Anomali Coffee


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