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Jakarta is known as the city with a million malls, well not exactly a million but there are so many shopping malls in Jakarta, from the north to the south and they’re all great and unique, it’s like each of them having something different to offer.

Creating the list of top 10 shopping malls in Jakarta is not easy. Did I mention that Jakarta is currently the city with THE MOST shopping malls in the whole universe? According to a little observation I did, there are around 173 shopping malls in Jakarta, and to select the top 10 out of 173, its a real struggle but I will go with my heart.

South Jakarta is for me an area that is hipper and more vibrant. It’s kinda hard to explain it with words as you need to experience it yourself to know what others have been raving about. But what I love about South Jakarta is the fact that there are a lot of great places to hang out and to dine at: from street food to the fanciest fine dining, you name it! The other reason must be the fabulous shopping malls where I usually go for shopping. One of the most happening shopping malls in South Jakarta is definitely Gandaria City.

Gotta admit, I am a mall person. For me, a mall is a ‘one way destination’. Well it’s two-way if you count your home, but inside a mall, there are so many things to choose from and if a mall really gets you, it has the magic where you will be brought back for more, you could feel it like it’s your second home and I have that feeling in Gandaria City.

Outside, this mall looks like an urban shopping centre. Not that spacious compared to other malls in Jakarta but it’s comfortable and homey. There are so many reasons to love Gandaria City and I going to start telling you why:


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I love food and I love to eat. I declared I’m an established foodie and I am soooo glad that Gandaria City has this special area where they call “Main Street” and it’s where all the glorious restaurants are! But no, don’t be mistaken this is not the foodcourt, it’s the two-storey area in the mall where it’s all about food!

Here, you could have some of Jakartans’ favorites such as Marugame Udon, Kyo Chon, Fook Yew, PUYO and many more! But if you’re more into food courts, no worries, they also have Eat&Eat for you to surf.

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Talking about their food tenants, your journey to food coma doesn’t stop just on the Main Street and Eat&Eat. You could also find these adorable restaurants that are currently NOT available anywhere else except Gandaria City. For example, La Hoya, which I recently declared as “The Best Mexican Restaurant in Town”. For ramen lovers, the Hollywood franchise “Robata Jinya” is also here, and if you’re more into comfort finger food, then Chippy Happy Food might chirp you up with their super delicious “Battered Fish and Chips” and “Curry Chicken”.

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Gandaria City 10


If you bloody love shopping, then Gandaria City is one GREAT place for you! Well, how great is great? It’s great because you’re given choices of fashion retailers starting from the affordable to the high-end brands. To add to the pleasure, H&M and METRO department stores are also located in this mall, and in case you don’t know, this is the first H&M store in Jakarta!

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Gandaria City 12

June to July IS THE PERFECT TIME TO SHOP IN JAKARTA!!! Okay I gotta stop being too excited but how could I not, when it’s the JAKARTA GREAT SALE! So many stores are having their GRAND SALE, some even up to 70% discount!!!

Gandaria City 14

Not just limited to fashion, this mall is also fabulous for grocery shopping- an enormous Lotte Mart is right here just below the “ground”. This might sound like me being bias, but honestly the reason why I love Lotte Mart more than the other marts out there is because they have a foodcourt inside, yes another foodcourt inside a supermarket and most of them serve Korean inspired snacks like Tteopokki or Odeng and they’re clearly not bad.


Even though I don’t always have too much spare time to watch box office movies, I’ve always loved the idea of watching movies in a cinema, even more when you know it’s the IMAX!!!

Gandaria City 15

Gandaria City is the first ever mall that brought along this IMAX format to Jakarta and I’ve been an avid customer when I feel like watching IMAX worthy movies. Trust me, the sensation is different: the screen is like in your face and you feel like you’re actually in the movie, doubled the fun when it’s on 3D!


Despite the continuous growth of shopping malls in Jakarta, I feel that some of the malls lack something important: children’s playground!

Gandaria City 16

Most of the malls are too focused on the teenager’s section, well they might be the biggest segment at the moment, but it’s nice to have memories of your favorite shopping mall when you were a kid, just like I did with this particular mall that no longer exists. I still have memories of me going with my  mom and dad every Sunday to this mall that I couldn’t forget even until now as I’m typing – the memories are being “played” back vividly :). I’m so glad Gandaria City has children friendly areas like Amazing Town and during certain periods, they would install pop-up playground.  When kids are happy coming to the mall, you know this is the right FAMILY MALL.

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Taking kids to Gandaria City hasn’t been better because it’s currently the only shopping mall with a flight simulation area, where kids can learn to live their dreams as pilots. And I’m sure you had one of those dreams when you were a kid and we all wanted it so bad.

Gandaria City 18

From now till July 13th, 2014, Gandaria City is having the STAR TREK EXHIBITION and I’m lucky enough to be invited by them to be their *ahem* exclusive guest and experience for my very eyes the visual journey of the Star Trek history. And I was given the special privilege to take pictures (where visitors are usually not allowed to) and here are some of the pics I managed to capture!

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Gandaria City 21


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Gandaria City 22

Star Trek fans in Jakarta, YOU SURE DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!! Ticket starts from IDR 130k (adult – weekdays) to IDR 200k (adult – weekends) and the tickets include one set meal with beverage! Kids’ admission is FREE on weekdays and just IDR 60k on weekends!

Gandaria City 23

Gandaria City really made me feel like home. I feel secured and not intimidated. I feel like I belong here. It’s the perfect all-in-one shopping destination when you visit South Jakarta.

Thank you GANDARIA CITY for what you are and for what you have to offer!

Getting There

Getting to Gandaria City is relatively easy, you can take a cab or you can also take the Coridor 8 TransJakarta bus to Lebak Bulus and alight at the “Kebayoran Lama” station, follow by  a 3-minute walk to Gandaria City Shopping Mall.

Address: Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda   Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12240
Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00 hr
Phone No.: 021-29052888
Fax No.: 021-29052988
Website: Gandaria City


Edited by Russell Cheong


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