Grand Indonesia – Jakarta Top 10 Shopping Malls

GI 000

Next on our list of Jakarta Top 10 Shopping Malls . . .  a grand giant!

You don’t call this Jakarta Savvy’s list of “Jakarta Top 10 Shopping Malls” without having this giant mall. It’s one of the largest shopping malls in Jakarta, and I’m proud to honor this mall as the most attractive, one of my personal favorites and a true definition of one-stop shopping and entertainment.

Dear beloved readers, I give you Grand Indonesia!

GI 001

Grand Indonesia was opened to the public back in 2007. The Grand Indonesia a few years ago wasn’t like what it is now, and I’m talking about the visitors and the crowd. Grand Indonesia started off quite slowly, that’s probably because this mall was so huge it was opened in phases before the whole development was completed.

GI 002

The grand opening of took place in the late 2009 and moments after, it became one of the most visited malls in Jakarta, up to today. There are so many things worth loving about Grand Indonesia. If you want me to explain everything, that would take many pages and a few days. Starting from the concept and what’s in store, Grand Indonesia is indeed… GRAND!

You’re going to see tons of this in Grand Indonesia.

Do you know that Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall is NOT Grand Indonesia Shopping Town? By reading this blog post, you’ve gained some knowledgeable because not many people know about this.

GI 003

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is a complex located on Thamrin Street that encompasses Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, BCA Tower, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski and Kempinski Private Residences. I think that’s the reason why they called it a “town”, it’s a huge place! But I think “city” sounds better, don’t you think so?

Grand Indonesia or GI, as it’s usually referred to, is divided into two areas: The East and West Mall. Years ago before major renovations, the East Mall was classier and more expensive because it’s home to high-end brands like Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and department store Harvey Nichols. After the renovation, both sections have the same class of fashion brands and dining outlets. But I think GI has become more humble with new stores like H&M and Pull & Bear.


GI 005

Pull & Bear!

GI 006

Shopaholics’ Heaven

Grand Indonesia is a heaven for shopaholics: men, women and kids gonna love this mall! From affordable fashion to high-end brands, GI has it all. As I was typing this, I suddenly realized that most of my apparels came from Grand Indonesia because it has ZARA, Top Man, Forever 21, Giordano, Levi’s, Seibu and Fossil for their uh-mazing leather goods.

Seibu Department Store!

GI 007

But I’ve to admit woman’s fashion is much bigger, and yes GI is THE shopping mall whenever you want to fill your (already full) closet with new outfits from ZARA, Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop, Forever 21, GAP, Mangoesteen, H&M, Pull & Bear, Mango, Seibu, Charles & Keith, and many more! The haul for make-up is even crazier! Seibu’s beauty hall has an amazing range of cosmetic brands: L’oreal, Clinique, Kiehls, Guerlain, Shiseido, SK-II you name it, they have it.

Forever 21!

GI 008

Charles & Keith!

GI 009

Representing Indonesia’s heritage and culture, Alun-Alun flagship store adds a local flavour to an otherwise overwhelming globalized shopping scene. Not many malls have good representation of local stores tbh!

Alun Alun Indonesia!

GI 010


GI 011

Love Mini Cooper? The Mini Cooper outlet in Jakarta!

GI 012


GI 013

Foodies’ Heaven

After a hectic day of shopping, you need to recharge! And since we are not  robots, we have to recharge ourselves with food! The dining options in Grand Indonesia is impeccable! Whatever you crave for, they have it here.

Craving for burgers? There’s Carls Jr. and Burger King. Craving for some Indonesian food? The famous Kafe Betawi is located on the LG floor.

For western cuisine, go for  99 Cafe, Social House, Marche and Pancious.

For Japanese, go for Sushi Tei, Kiyadon, Pasta Waraku, Waraku or head to the 5th floor food boulevard and look for Yellowfin, H5 and Tairyo!


GI 014

I’m proud to announce that Popolamama, the famous Italian-Japanese restaurant (which is now super trending in Jakarta), is here in Grand Indonesia. Well-known German restaurant, Paulaner Brauhaus and the one-of-a-kind “Mad For Garlic” are also here. Sky dining enthusiast sure don’t want to miss SKYE for a bid-eye view of  Jakarta’s magnificent landscape 56 levels above ground!


GI 016

Paulaner Brauhaus!

GI 017

As a self-proclaimed dessert freak, I am always on the look-out for the best desserts in town. I am the type of person who always feel that a meal lacks a finishing touch without desserts! The perfect place for desserts in Grand Indonesia: Kempi Deli – currently one of my most favorite patisserie in town! OMG their croissants and cakes ZOMGOOOOOD! I also love the small but quiet outlet, the perfect little hiding space for me to focus on my work!

The famous Kempi Deli’s jam.

GI 018


GI 019

Whenever I crave for cold desserts, the highly popular Hong Tang has just recently opened a branch here. And of course it has attracted so many patrons, like always. How about something unique like Ron’s Laboratory? This Nitrogen-Ice-Cream chain is the talk-of-the-town. It’s amazing that food is one big reason for people to live and smile, and I’m sure this biz will never die! *confident*

Ron’s Laboratory!

GI 020

One question to test how well you know Jakarta: Is there anything special about the Starbucks in GI?

Yes, the design of this Starbuck outlet is very special; it’s very Indonesian! It’s exclusive and one-of-a-kind, and you won’t find this anywhere else in Indonesia.

This is Starbucks Reserve!

GI 021

According to Starbucks, each country will only have one Reserve outlet where you can order the premium Sun Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Finca Nueva Mexico.

If you think Starbucks is too mainstream and crowded (which BTW I never get bored of), you can consider Djournal Coffee, pretty decent coffee with nice ambiance.

GI 022

Now, if this is the last week of the month and you are on a tight budget, no worries, Food Louver (GI’s food court), the most stylish food court in Jakarta has budget friendly dining selections for you! The interior design has an earthy theme, decorated mostly with wood, in a glance, a bit Japanese looking but  rest assured it’s a fabulous place to hang-out. Food Louver has some of Jakartans’ favorite soul food like KFC, Mie Laiker, Saboga, Doner Kebab, Sate Khas Senayan, Mr. Park, Tamani Express and many more. Not forgetting, there is another food court located inside The Food Hall :-)

Entertainment Heaven

For bookworms, GI has one of the largest Gramedia bookstore in town! Two floors of amazing local and imported publications. Currently under renovation, but do look forward to a better Gramedia coming soon. For now, Japanese bookstore chain Kinokuniya is here to serve you.


GI 023


GI 024

For families with young children, how about some arcade fun at the Carnival or the Fun World for some family bonding? To pamper and educate your kids through playing with toys, there’s Toys Kingdom.


GI 025

Fun World!

GI 026

Toys Kingdom!

GI 027

And most suitable for families, couples, friends, . . . in fact everybody, is to spend quality time together over a movie at Jakarta’s largest Blitz Megaplex!

GI 028

This post won’t be complete without mentioning what GI is uber famous for: the water fountain show!! And it’s free!!

It’s almost a decade since the first show began and people are still waiting in line to see this entertaining 5-minute water fountain show with the “New York, New York” theme song. I remember the first time I watched  this show was like a dream come true; it was so grand and entertaining. And I’m glad it’s just getting better.

GI Water Fountain Show!

GI 029

To be completely frank, GI has become a lot humble compared to Plaza Indonesia just across the street, but that’s also the reason why it has attracted so many visitors making it jam-packed during the weekends.

Like I’ve mentioned in my earlier post on Plaza Indonesia, I will always recommend my friends from overseas to stay in the Thamrin area because it has great hotels and shopping malls. Plaza Indonesia has the Grand Hyatt, while Grand Indonesia has Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. I like them both and they are truly the wonder twins!

Plaza Indonesia as seen from GI.

GI 030

Getting There

Getting to Grand Indonesia is really easy, take the TransJakarta Corridor 1 and stop at Bundaran HI or Tosari, and take a 2-minute walk to GI.

Address: Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta Pusat 10310.
Opening Hours: 10 am – 10 pm; up to 12 midnight for the 5th floor.
Telephone: 021 – 2358 7000
Facebook: grandindonesiashoppingtown
Twitter: GrandIndo
Instagram: Grandindo

Edited by Russell Cheong.


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