Kota Kasablanka – Jakarta Top 10 Shopping Malls

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Kota Kasablanka is one of the newest malls in town but surely not the one you should overlook . It took barely one and a half years for it to become one of the most popular malls in Jakarta packing in the crowds.

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Located at the busy Kasablanka Street in Tebet, one glimpse of this five-storey shopping mall will remind you of Gandaria City because both malls belong to the same developer.  Kokas as it’s popularly known as, is the younger brethren often described as “the more affordable version of Gandaria City”.

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Kota Kasablanka is located strategically in the growing Casablanca area where some of the most outstanding apartments like Casa Grande are located, which also belongs to the same developer. Kokas is relatively near to the busy Lingkar Mega Kuningan area. So when you visit during lunch hours, this mall is always packed. Truth be told, you’re not going to find many high-end brands here. The most high-end brand would be something like TUMI. That’s why they call this “the more affordable Gandaria City”.

But the lack of high-end stores doesn’t make this mall lose its charm or class.

Sephora opened its first flagship store in Jakarta HERE! Even though I’m a man, I am more than thrilled that a renowned brand like Sephora has finally opened its first store in Jakarta! An honor you may say, at least they have a fragrance zone.

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Ladies, come splurge on designers’ fashion from popular stores like ZaraDorothy PerkinsNew LookBershka and Cotton On! If that’s not enough for you, there’s also SOGO with its amazing range of everyday goods! I don’t think SOGO needs anymore introduction because I’ve mentioned it many times in my earlier posts.

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If you want to smell like an angel, Victoria’s Secret has plenty of fragrances and lingerie to indulge your inner and external aura.

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Beauty Box is here to pamper you with glamorous make-up.

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For men who desired decent fashion, brands like ZaraJOBBTopman and Fred Perry should be on your shopping list. For more unisex choices, Batik Keris is a must-visit if you’re a tourist or someone who adores batik. Or you may prefer something simple, like Giordano.

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Batik Keris has a fine selection of everything batik.

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If you’re more into hardware than menswear, no worries, because Ace Hardware and Informa have huge stores here!

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Kokas 13

For home interior and furnishing, visit Home Solution’s for a good selection of unique home and  furniture products.

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Gadget freaks should cherish the day because Electronic Solution is also here! This is where you should go if you want to shop for gadgets with great quality and friendly prices! Mobile phones, cameras, computers, laptops, TVs, washing machines and many more! You name it, they are all here!

Like it’s bigger brethren Gandaria City, Kotas also has a praiseworthy range of cuisine and dining outlets! If you’re on a budget, EAT&EAT is the right spot for you to dig in! A comfortable food court with scrumptious selections; my favorite is the fried Kweytiau and the beef meatballs, the broth is excellent!

If you’re into restaurant dining, Kotas has a dedicated area called Food Society,  featuring an array of local and international restaurants, and my favorite restaurants are White Elephant, if I’m craving for authentic Thailand food; Mika for fusion Japanese and Kafe Betawi for Indonesian.

A few steps next to Food Society, you can find CapreseMunchies and Balboni Ristorante with their Italian & Western food. I love Balboni!

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Mika’s steak is super duper juicy!

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I was quite upset when Miitem, which was located at Plaza Indonesia, was closed down. Not so long ago, it reopened in Kotas and to my surprise, it came up with a more affordable menu! If you don’t know what “Miitem” means, it stands for “Mie” (noodle) and “Item” (black). Yes, they serve “black noodles” made with squid ink! I love the rubbery noodle texture. Their Tom Yum and Aglio Olio . . .  are absolute must-order!

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Kota Kasablanka is also the home of Sushi Groove Market, the only sushi restaurant in the Ismaya group with the market concept.

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Shopping for your monthly grocery supplies? The ginormous Carrefour is here at your service!

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If your kid’s laughter means the world to you, then Kota Kasablanka is the perfect mall with Amazing Caribbean to cheer up your kids with affordable fun! And why not end the day with the latest blockbuster at the legendary XXI?

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Kota Kasablanka has everything you need and nothing seems to be lacking. For me, it’s one of the shopping malls in Jakarta with the most complete range of products and services at affordable prices. Perfect for middle-class families shopping for fashion, food and entertainment. Talk about stress relief!

Getting There

The best option is to go by taxi if you are not driving else Kopaja is the next option but it would be a lot more complicated, and  the traffic during the day is beyond crazy.

Address: Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan 12870
Phone No.: +6221 2946 5000
Website: Kotakasablanka
Facebook: KotaKasablanka
Twitter: Kotakasablanka
Instagram: Kotakasablanka

Edited by Russell Cheong.


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