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It’s not that I love South Jakarta more than other parts of Jakarta.  I do simply because it has some of the most gorgeous shopping malls in Jakarta and Pacific Place is certainly one I simply cannot miss.

Located in the busy SCBD area, Pacific Place (or PP as its commonly referred as) is one of the largest and most renowned shopping malls in Jakarta. In my personal opinion, it’s one of the most luxurious, classiest and also the tallest shopping malls in Jakarta with 6 floors of some of the best fashion labels, eateries and entertainment.

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Flashback to 2007 when it first opened, I visited PP on its first week of launch. I remembered it was empty and because it was empty, I found the mall extremely huge and luxurious. The enormous and extremely tall lobby has a glass dome that allows sunlight to enter. A few months later, it was filled with high-end fashion brands on the ground floor and a range of amazing dining and entertainment outlets on the upper floors.

The Ritz Carlton is part of the development standing gracefully with PP side by side. It’s the second Ritz Carlton (and newer) in Jakarta, the first one’s located in Mega Kuningan.

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Not only glamorous, PP has won the best shopping mall decoration awards for numerous times. Tons of effort were put in to decorate the mall and because it’s a vertical mall, it has a lot of height, multiplying it’s glamour a hundred times!

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There are two main entrances to the mall but both will lead you to the ground floor where you will find high-end fashion brands like Louis Vuitton (one of the best LV flagship stores in Jakarta) and Hermes (biggest flagship store in Jakarta).

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For luxury watches and jewelleries, just across LV is the biggest BVLGARI store in Jakarta. BIYAN, Indonesia’s loveliest designer stands gracefully among the international labels. As an Indonesian, I find it amazing and proud to see a home-grown label becoming so well recognized.

Art installation exhibition.

PacificPlace 06

Fancy car exhibition!

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Okay, this might sound corny but I LOVE department stores! Well known department stores Galeries Lafayette and METRO are here to entertain your senses but maybe not your wallet. I can’t have enough because they have so many collections and most of them are GOOD. Truth be told, Galeries Lafayette is the more luxurious department store compared to METRO, but product wise both have good offerings. I think people go to Galeries Lafayette for more fashionable and indie brands, although it might be a little more expensive but it’s still relatively affordable.

I love Ben Sherman and I’m glad it’s opening in PP. For some reasons after I got back from London, I am a convert for their style. Everyone looks fashionably rich in London.

Usually I would spend around IDR 500k to IDR 1 mil for a shopping spree, and for shoes, I love leather shoes from BNV; price ranges from IDR 800k to IDR 2 mil, considering it’s authentic leather, I think it’s a good deal.

PacificPlace 10

I go to METRO whenever I am in the mood to hunt for kitchen stuff. They have amazing selections of plates, table cloth and fabrics, all at reasonable prices. I’m obsessed because I could use them for my photoshoot props and it doesn’t stop there, I also love to look around the men’s section to bring home some of the outfits I like. Best thing of all, it’s light on the wallet.

As you make your way to the higher levels, you’re going to see an amazing range of fashion stores like The Goods Dept which used to be at Plaza Indonesia. The Goods Dept provides younger Jakartans a slightly different and more hipster style kind of selection. Just so you know, The Goods Dept is not a fashion brand, it’s a venue for local designers to exhibit and sell their wares to the public. You can find around 20 local designers there and don’t you dare think Indonesian designers’ stuffs are bad. THEY ARE NOT! In fact, they’re very good especially leather products: the texture, smell, and craftsmanship are so appealing to my eyes.

British shirt-maker T.M. Lewin has a store here and it’s my preferred destination whenever I want to find something for formal events. Their products are high in quality and an investment.

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I must admit I appreciate exclusivity. This is not being arrogant but an expression that I love things that are one of a kind, and I am glad that PP is hosting so many amazing eateries that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

I was more than thrilled when I was told that PAUL patisserie was going to open in PP. And now, it’s one of the hottest spots for fresh pastries.

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Just across PAUL is Odysseia, one of the prettiest, if not THE PRETTIEST restaurants in Jakarta with their earthy green concept and decoration. If you are an avid sandwich lover, then Capocaccia is definitely your choice; they serve top notch sandwiches that you shouldn’t miss! Celebrate the night with amazing cocktails at Potato Head – one of the talking place in town for cocktails and it comes with a decent lunch and dinner menu.

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One of the most exclusive patisserie in town . . . has got to be Huize Van Wely by Papilion, the famed Dutch patisserie that offers hand-made chocolates, pastries, cakes and premium ice cream, made finest!

Did you notice that PP has quite a few amazing Korean restaurants? BibigoHan Gang, and Kyochon, to name just a few. My top pick is definitely Bibigo! A casual Korean restaurant that offers a good selection of quality meat, soup and bibimbap.

PacificPlace 15

Bibigo’s outdoor dining . . . you literally eat on a boat.

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PacificPlace 17

Talking about grilled meat, you must not miss Kintan, currently on the top of my list for Yakiniku restaurants in Jakarta! Premium red meat cooked medium rare and dipped in their homemade sauce = HEAVEN!

Haven’t you heard them say, If the child is happy, the parents are happy”? Well I don’t really know because I don’t have any kids yet! But go ask any parents in Jakarta about the BEST children playground in Jakarta, and very likely they will tell you it’s Kidzania!

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Kidzania is a man-made city located on the sixth floor where kids get to play the roles of working adults. Kids can become what they want to be for a day. Girls can become an air stewardess, hairdresser, chef, nurse and the boys as pilot, fireman, taxi-driver or doctor.  Kids can drive to work (with driving license!!), but they must obey the rules and with their jobs they can earn some money, save them in the bank or withdraw the money using the ATM. This is experiential learning at it’s best . . . helping kids to learn while they play.

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Want to know more about America? Then head down to @AMERICA, an exhibition that has the depth of a museum with an added modern touch where you can learn everything about America here.

For book lovers, Aksara is located on the fourth floor. For movie-buffs, head over to Blitz Megaplex‘s Velvet Class where you can watch your favourite movies on a comfy bed; just don’t fall asleep.

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One of the best things about PP is not just what they have in store but where they’re located. Pacific Place is located in the SCBD 5 minutes away from the No. 1 hangout spot in Jakarta: SENOPATI!

Senopati is popular with youngsters to hangout and chill. They have it all at Senopati: Western, Japanese, Local, Korean, Mexican, French, American, Italian . . . you name it!

If you are in the mood to go mall hopping, then Plaza Senayan is the closest mall from PP, just 10 minutes away, and Senayan City is just across Plaza Senayan. Mall hopping mode: ON!

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Strategically located in the busy SCBD area catering to tens of thousands of office workers, Pacific Place is the perfect shopping mall to entertain, shop, dine and date. Together with The Ritz Carlton, this is the most eminent landmark in SCBD – a city within a city, it’s a one-stop shop for all the pleasures you ever need.

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Getting There

Take the Trans Jakarta Corridor 1, stop at “Polda Metro” station and take a 3-minute walk to Pacific Place.

Address: Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta Selatan 12190 Indonesia
Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00 hr
Phone No.: +6221 514 02828
Fax No.: +6221 514 00988
Website: Pacific Place

Edited by Russell Cheong.


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