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The famous “Patung Selamat Datang” monument at Bundaran HI.

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Plaza Indonesia is one of the oldest malls in Jakarta and it is also one of the most popular among Jakartans. It has been more than two decades since it first stood on Muhammad Husni Thamrin Street where it opened its doors to the public. Up until today it’s still the leading high-end shopping malls in Jakarta with an ever growing number of visitors.

Often being referred as “PI”, Plaza Indonesia is the home of high-end international fashion brands, five-star restaurants and the first Starbucks store in Indonesia! It’s simply a one-stop shopping and entertainment hub.

Plaza Indo 03

The very first time I went to Plaza Indonesia, I was in the fourth grade. That was 12 years ago when I was technically still a kid. Back then SOGO dominated the shopping scene: the biggest SOGO in Jakarta was located at the ground floor. After it was closed down, the entire floor was dedicated to high-end fashion, brands like DiorBally and Hugo Boss.

Plaza Indo 04

Overall venue wise, Plaza Indonesia might not be as spacious compared to the other top malls in Jakarta, just a tad larger than Plaza Senayan, but the place is well designed with a good mixed of tenants, sophisticated, classy but not intimidating.

The Plaza Indonesia that I know now may not be as exclusive as what it was before – back then Plaza Indonesia was the mall for the rich and famous, and it was perceived as less welcoming. That changed when Plaza Indonesia came up with the EX (Entertainment Xenter) in 2003, and that attracted the younger generation. Not long after in 2007, PI Extension was installed on the fourth to sixth floor, making it the home of more affordable food, fashion and everything else, with stores like Pancious, Kafe Betawi, Aksara Bookstore, Canteen, Mie Laiker, Tik Tock, Sour Sally, Zenbu, Tous Les Jours and the famous Celebrity Fitness.

Unfortunately EX was officially closed and currently being demolished – rumor has it that the area is going to be used as the new extention of Plaza Indonesia. I bet everyone in Jakarta would agree that they would miss the EX XXI; it was the best XXI in Jakarta, if not in Indonesia, with seats that were made like couches.

Plaza Indo 05

I love Plaza Indonesia simply because it provides a good selection of goods ranging from the relatively low to high price, and when I say shopping I mean food, fashion and entertainment. I got entertained by so many things: shopping for food entertains me, shopping for goods entertains me, shopping for books entertains me; shopping is the ultimate boredom quencher as long as I have the budget.

God knows how big my love for food and dining is! And Plaza Indonesia has some of my favorite restaurants in town. For example, Pancious: whenever I feel like having delicious pastas and pancakes without ripping off my pocket; QQ for their crab horfun; Pizza E Birra for pizzas and pastas; and Fat Burger for burger dates!

Plaza Indo 06

If I want to polish up a bit and go fancy, Altitude 46 is where I will go to experience scrumptious sky-dining with a breathtaking view of Bundaran HI and that’s complimentary!

Plaza Indo 07


Plaza Indo 08

If I crave for French food then Mezzanine is on my list. I love Asian food, especially Indonesian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese, and I’m glad that Chandara is in Plaza Indonesia- it’s hands down one of the best Thai restaurants in town. Located not far from Chandara is Katsusei, a place perfect for katsu lovers with a premium touch. But if you’re looking for Japanese cuisine at its finest, then sky rocket to the 46th, there you will find Enmaru, the perfect place to have premium Japanese dining.

Plaza Indo 09

Enmaru’s Foie Gras Cawanmushi

Plaza Indo 10

THIS scene!

Plaza Indo 11

The legendary St. Louis Lounge at Lamoda Plaza Indonesia.

Shopping for fashion is one of my most pleasant but in a way, dangerous obsessions! Dangerous because sometimes it could be very pocket UN-friendly. Well I guess everyone should know their own buying power.

I have HUGE obsessions for leather items! The smell, the texture – OMG I’ll die!

Plaza Indonesia is the home to some of my most favorite leather good brands like Louis VuittonHermesBottega Veneta and Bally! For the more affordable options, I would recommend FossilPedroZARAMANGO and Charles & Keith for women.

Plaza Indo 12

If you love Louis Vuitton, then you’re going to love its fashionable flagship store in Plaza Indonesia: spacious with magnificent interior design, complete with so many “to die for” selections! It’s doesn’t really matter how many times you’ve been there, you just want to come back for more!

Hermes is also my personal favorite. Hermes resembles class, elegance and finest, and it obviously comes with a hefty price tag, and loooong queue!

But just so you know, certain high-end brands like the two I just mentioned above don’t do sales!


But rest assure there are always other options, and I mean the affordable ones. I love ZARA and I bet many people do! Great designs with decent quality, and amazing range of products starting from menswear, perfumes, accessories and foot-wear.

Plaza Indo 14

If you love home interiors and accessories, Plaza Indonesia has the only ZARA HOME in town. It’s a playground for my eyes, even though the store might not be big, but I could spend an hour or two browsing for home items and to photo-shoot the property.

Plaza Indo 15


Plaza Indo 16


Plaza Indo 17


Plaza Indo 18


Plaza Indo 19


Plaza Indo 20


Plaza Indo 21

Omega watch store. Just beside Omega is TIME PLACE where people go for designers’ watches.

I think the term “family mall” fits just perfectly for PI as it’s also where you can take your kids to play. On the fourth floor, there’s Arizona playground, and for family movie time, located two levels above, there’s Plaza Indonesia XXI (but still nothing beats the EX XXI). When it’s time to groom your kids, one of Jakarta’s most famous barbers PAXI is located just on the lower ground level.

Plaza Indo 22

This scenery is what you’d get when you visit Plaza Indonesia during the weekends.

To be completely frank, I go to PI at least once every week, sometimes even four times a week. My parents told me PI is like my second home and here’s the thing: there’s something special about this mall and it has managed to captivate my attention and desire to keep coming back. Not only do I make it my meeting place, it’s also here where I usually get to work on my stuff when I couldn’t find any inspiration at home. And better still, it’s not far from where I live.

Plaza Indonesia is located strategically at the center of Jakarta, on M.H. Thamrin Street and I personally think it’s just the PERFECT place, with the five-star Grand Hyatt and Keraton located on the same scene, it’s also the best place for visitors to indulge in the best luxury and hospitality this city can offer.

Located just across PI is Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (another top shopping mall and upcoming in this blog) and not too far from here is Sarinah Thamrin where younger Jakartans go on dates during weekends over dinners and movies.

I see Plaza Indonesia making great strides by the years. It’s still one of those malls that has  good concept, consistency, delivery and class. It has a unique identity, and that identity is what I like. Even with new shopping malls popping up, I could see myself coming back for more in years to come.

Dear Plaza Indonesia, you have won my heart.

Address: Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30 Jakarta 10350
Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00 hr
Phone No.: +6221 2992 0000
Fax No.: +6221 2992 0234
Website: Plaza Indonesia

Edited by Russell Cheong.


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