Plaza Senayan – Jakarta Top 10 Shopping Malls

Senayan 00

I must have smacked my head on the pavement if I don’t put this mall on the list! It’s one of the oldest but most successful shopping malls in Jakarta – it has elegance, class, beauty and royalty; located at one of the most elite residential area in Jakarta.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . . Plaza Senayan!

Senayan 01

There are so many reasons to put Plaza Senayan on the list of the Jakarta Top 10 Shopping Malls! Everyone who’s been here before (especially Jakartans) must know that Plaza Senayan is an upscale mall. Just look at the number of high-end brands, so prominently noticeable when you first step into this mall.

Plaza Senayan may not be the most spacious but there’s something about the way it is designed and the decor of the mall makes it looks so elegant, simple but classy.

When it comes to decoration, Plaza Senayan knows how to magically transform the spacious lobby into everyone’s favorite playground! I have a photo I want to show you that I took  three months ago (March 2014) when Plaza Senayan was having this wonderland theme.

Gorgeous right?!

Senayan 02

You won’t believe this was actually in Plaza Senayan!

Senayan 03

More photos of Plaza Senayan’s lobby, and this is current.

Senayan 04


Senayan 05

There’s something special about the pictures  above: I dare to bet with anyone my age or 5 years older, you must have memories of watching those puppets performing every hour. If you ask me now, I don’t exactly know what was so special about them, but back then when I was a kid, this was like a dream especially the song. The song has this joyful tune you probably have heard somewhere, most likely from video games, quite similar to the Harvest Moon tunes. The joy it brought got stuck in my head until today. Isn’t it amazing how certain malls could bring you so much joyful memories? Time flies!

UNION & AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe

I personally LOVE Plaza Senayan for so many reasons, but the top two are definitely EATING and SHOPPING!

For a die-hard foodie like me, I love the fact that Plaza Senayan is the home of my most favorite bakery in town: UNION.

UNION is where I will go to have a lovely time over great cakes. Most of the time, I will go there during the day for meetings, mini-reunion and even personal me-time just because I love having the daylight filtering through the glass building. The cakes here are SO GOOD and if I’ve caps-locked it, that means it’s THAT GOOD. I bet no one would ever say ‘NO’ to their famous top-notch Red Velvet Cake with peanuts and caramel dressing. Trust me, I have tried EACH and EVERY cake here and they’re all… GOOD!

Senayan 06

Their famous Red Velvet Cake, uh oh craving for this again!

Senayan 07

Their Chocolate Praline cake beats me on the first bite.

Senayan 08

Not so long ago, Plaza Senayan welcomed another what has now become one of my most favorite Italian restaurants in town: AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe!

Senayan 09

The food concept of AW Kitchen is unique but don’t get too attached to the name – Akira Watanabe might sound very Japanese, but it’s actually an Italian restaurant serving Italian food with a twist of Japanese!

I just had dinner here a few days ago and I was so impressed by the quality of the food and service. And you won’t find AW Kitchen anywhere else except Plaza Senayan…at least for the moment.

Senayan 10

…and still about Akira Watanabe . . .  it’s located at the fourth floor, and it’s the only floor in Plaza Senayan dedicated to . . . you guessed it right . . . FOOD!

You can find a few restaurants here and there in Plaza Senayan at different levels, but the fourth floor is where it’s all about DINING! Here you can find a whole range of good restaurants! If you’re looking for amazing steakhouse and by amazing I mean premium quality beef, then head off to Rustique Wine and Grill. For French cuisine, head to Garcon where you will find pretty authentic French food and amazing desserts; you gotta try the Rocher Monaco.

Cineplex XXI, Marche, Eric Kayser & TWG

Weekends are the perfect time for movie dates!

Picture this: you’ve planned a lovely weekend date with your loved one. After a scrumptious dinner, what else better than to continue with a movie! One level above the “land of delicious”, located at the fifth floor, there’s Cineplex XXI and personally this one in Plaza Senayan remains one of my favorite Cineplex XXI ever! The theatre and the seatings are so comfortable!

Senayan 11

Next to the Cineplex XXI is the perfect place to go if you’re craving for European food with a market concept called Marche! I love eating at Marche. The concept is so creative and the food, not bad at all. I’m a big fan of their Rosti!

Senayan 12

If you’re craving for amazing patisserie, then  thanks to Plaza Senayan again… the home of the first Eric Kayser outlet in Indonesia is right here! Their croissants and danishes are just amazing.

Senayan 13

There are so many good things to share about Plaza Senayan, and most of them you can only find it here, and that’s why this mall is AWESOME!

I must admit I love TWG, to be completely frank, it’s probably my most favorite tea brand in the whole universe! Gotta love their fruit black tea. And you know what . . . Plaza Senayan is the home of the first TWG outlet in Indonesia!

I’m glad that the F&B scene in Jakarta is now getting crazier than ever. TWG is where I go for a relaxing afternoon, having tea with close friends over deep and sometimes dramatic conversation and hence it’s not relaxing anymore LOL!

Senayan 14

Love love love TWG black macarons, the caramel filling has the perfect balance of sweetness.

Senayan 15

No matter how glamorous Plaza Senayan is, it always gives space to affordable dining. On the third floor, a spacious food court featuring some of Jakartans most favorite F&B brands when it comes to quick, easy and humble dining like KFC, McDonalds, Yoshinoya, Hoka-Hoka Bento and many more!

Senayan 16

This is how the lobby looks from the top!

Senayan 17


Senayan 18

Okay, been talking so much about food places, now better move on to the shopping scene!

Metro & SOGO

Almost every high-end fashion brand you can find, starting from Louis Vuitton to Dior, are here! No worries for “budget-friendly” shopping, you can head off to Metro and SOGO for a large selection of mass luxury brands that fit your budget. Metro and SOGO are very popular in Jakarta and it’s amazing that Plaza Senayan could accomodate these two giants under one roof; they seriously have a good range of everyday goods with good quality starting from fashion, kitchen utensils, make-ups, fragrances, beds and housewares, you name it!


THE JAKARTA GREAT SALE  is in June to July!!

How do you spell happy? . . . S-A-L-E!

Go to Plaza Senayan and you might find the best deals for your favorite brands!

Senayan 19

Kinokuniya & Starbucks

On the fifth floor of SOGO, there’s a little heaven for book lovers. This is where the Japanese book-store Kinokuniya is located. It’s currently the biggest Kinokuniya in Jakarta and avid book lovers like me could spend hours here!

Just beside Kinokuniya, there’s a comfortable little Starbucks store. I love the quiet ambiance, perfect for business meetings and to get some work done.

Senayan 20

Plaza Senayan is an upscale mall that appeals to the well-to-do shoppers offering international renowned brands but it also caters to the middle-class with mass market department stores like Metro and SOGO.

I love the concept and class that Plaza Senayan holds. It has given me lots of joyous memories and I still like the way it is. So continue to stick with me as I bring to you Jakarta Top 10 Shopping Malls !  Eight more fabulous malls coming right up!

Getting There

Getting to Plaza Senayan with public transportation is relatively easy. The easiest is to take Trans Jakarta Corridor 1, stop at the Bundaran Senayan station and enter Ratu Plaza located just across. Inside Ratu Plaza there’s a back-door some call the “shortcut” to Plaza Senayan but getting to that door alone is a three-minute walking distance.

Senayan 21

The back of Plaza Senayan where you will pass-by if you take the Trans Jakarta and shortcut from Ratu Plaza.

Address: Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8 Gelora Bung Karno-Senayan Jakarta 10270 Indonesia
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
Phone No.:  (062-21) 572 5555
Fax No.: (062-21) 5725008
Website: Plaza Senayan


Edited by Russell Cheong.


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