Pulau Sepa – Snorkeling Paradise


A 15-minute boat ride from Putri Island took us to Sepa Island which is another small islet under the wind of Indonesia’s Thousand Islands precinct. Boasting powder beaches, a Hawksbill Turtle hatchery and an accessible underwater gallery of sea life, Sepa Island is definitely worth a drop by visit or stay over.

A bridged jetty with orange paneling marked the gateway to Sepa Island.


Sepa Island also has a resort development although we didn’t check out the level of hospitality available.


Hawksbill Turtles are critically endangered as a result of irresponsible fishing methods, pollution and hunting for the turtles’ shells for decorative uses so it was a thrill to see them up-close and touch one of these gentle creatures!


I couldn’t resist taking a photo with these adorable Hawksbill Turtle babies from the hatch tank. To minimize shock to them, I introduced my hand into their tank and played with them for a while before taking them out for a few quick shots. I hope the turtles on display at the shelter are used to human contact and not majorly distressed with being handled.


Power lah! Hadouken shot with mylovelybluesky.com  and xiajourney.wordpress.com on Sepa Island’s gently sloping coastline. It’s always such a rewarding adventure discovering not just new darstinations, but enjoying the process with friends both comforting and new found.


An on-sea boardwalk at Sepa Island that leads to one’s dream of being a mermaid or merman.


Caught a photo of this Japanese tourist sunning by the edge of the boardwalk. Reminded me of Davidoff’s Cool Water cologne ad but the guy a bit too san bor (‘skinny’ in Hokkien). But what a nice place to momentarily lose oneself from the world! I hope he didn’t turn into a giam hee (salted fish) though.


This was taken on the boardwalk of the corals in the water. No Photoshop except colour adjustment. This is how close to the surface the seafloor is on Sepa Island!


Thriving table, staghorn and brain corals as well as a wide assortment of organic marine architecture and colourful swimmers adorned the coastal bed of Sepa Island. It felt magical but because of the shallow depth, extra care had to be taken not to kick the corals or step on spiny sea urchins.


Loving the snorkeling experience at Sepa Island. Remember to bring your swimming goggles or snorkeling gear as they are not provided if your tour operator doesn’t come equipped.

My moment in the waters around Sepa Island was very brief but I was fast in love with what I saw. Many snorkeling sites I’ve been to so far are quite a distance from established lodging resorts or if they are near, the variety of marine life is obscured by silty waters as a result of being too close to shore where tropical storms wash mud into the sea, are limited to bleached colonies of dying staghorn corals, or have not much to see except acres of sandy bottom infested with unmoving sea cucumbers. In contrast, Sepa Island is a snorkeling paradise with a rich beach-side ecology that literally makes you lose your breath.


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