Ragusa Es Italia – Grandpa’s Ice-Cream Parlour

Ragusa 01 Entrance

Ragusa 02 Entrance2

This 82 year old grandpa could well be the first ice-cream parlour in Jakarta. Opened in 1932, it has survived World War 2 and the struggle for Indonesia’s independence.

The restaurant is furnished the way it is since it has moved here decades ago. Rattan arm-chairs and old photos of yesteryear bring you back to the colonial days, when the real luxury for the common man was nothing more than a scoop of vanilla ice-cream!

Ragusa 03 Interior

That scoop of vanilla ice-cream is still on the menu.

Ragusa 06 Menu


Ragusa 07 Ice Cream

Of course there are more modern offerings like Banana Split and Tutti Frutti- not sure if they have been on the menu ever since or are new additions, but coming to Ragusa is more than ice-cream , it is about rekindling the days of our forefathers, and that our lives can be as simple as a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

The most nostalgically memorable thing about this place, is not the Spaghetti , Special-Mix or the Cassata ice-cream, neither is the huge “Ragusa” signboard or the blue scissor gate, but the old man in the white uniform – a quiet and demure person, who gave us the ordering sheet; took our orders and served us our ice-cream. He is the real icon of Ragusa.

Ragusa 04 Interior


Ragusa 05  Wallphoto

And don’t just order ice-cream, get the gado-gado from outside too! The peanut sauce is like . . . peanut butter! Very smooth and creamy and it makes the gado-gado fabulously special, not like anywhere else!

Ragusa 08 Gado-Gado


Ragusa 09 Gado Stall

Highly recommended for home-made goodness on a rattan arm-chair!

  1. Spaghetti 30,000
  2. Tutti Frutti 25,000
  3. Special Mix 20,000
  4. Cassata 25,000
  5. Banana Split 30,000.

All Prices in Indonesian Rupiah. No Service Charge and Tax.

We paid for our meals.

Address: Veteran I, No. 10, Gambir, Central Jakarta 10110, Indonesia


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