Ragusa Es Italia – Time Travel into Yesteryear


Our journey to experience all things historic in Jakarta brought us to Ragusa Es Italia, a gastronomical relic that has been delighting the locals since 1932 with its homemade preservative-free ice-creams.

The café was opened by 2 Italian brothers (Luigi and Vicenzo Ragusa) and expanded with several outlets throughout Jakarta but the ice-cream chain melted under the heat of competition. Thankfully, the brand was survived by its original flagship shop at No. 10, Jalan Veteran I.

Walking into Ragusa was akin to time travel with yesteryear furnishings…


… and staff that is nostalgia on legs.


A creamy serving of classics.


We picked the following from the menu Special Mix (Rp20,000), Cassata Siciliana (Rp25,000), Tutti Frutti (Rp25,000), and the very intriguing Spaghetti Ice Cream (Rp30,000).


Apart from desserts to cool off, you can also order some Indonesian favourites such as Gado Gdao, Otak-Otak and Mie Juhi from street hawkers outside the shop.


The Gado Gado was excellent with sauce like thick, satisfying peanut butter. The street vendors seem to appear at the doorstep of Ragusa around noon so you may not see them if you go too early.


Bringing forward a throwback, Ragusa and its street hawkers offer an authentic induction into the flavours of Old Jakarta.



Address : Jalan Veteran, No. 10 Jakarta Pusat (Central Jakarta) DKI, Jakarta 10110
Tel : +6221-384-9123

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