Senayan City – Jakarta Top 10 Shopping Malls

Senayan City – Jakarta Top 10 Shopping Malls




In Jakarta, almost everything is bigger in the south: the entertainment scene, the dining scene, the night life and in our case, the shopping malls!

But that doesn’t mean the malls in other regions of Jakarta are underrated, on the contrary, despite the abundance of shopping malls, the numbers of “small” shopping malls are less than the bigger ones, probably accounting for only 20% of all malls in Jakarta.

The malls in Jakarta are either big or bigger.

Senayan City aka Sency (Sen-c) is a shopping mall owned by the gigantic Agung Podomoro Group which also owns some of the most spectacular shopping malls like Central Park and Kuningan City. Sency has become the iconic and top hangout destination in south Jakarta.


First introduced to the public in 2006, this shopping mall quickly gained a lot of recognition from the public and in a snap, attracted a huge following. Located just across its senior brethren Plaza Senayan,  located in the middle of the affluent Senayan district, Senayan City is comprised of a shopping mall, an office tower, a residential apartment and a five-star hotel. The number of people residing and working in this mixed-used development runs into the thousands and it’s no surprise Sency gets really crowded during lunch and dinner hours.

Senayan City is one of the largest shopping malls in Jakarta, with its sophisticated architecture and minimalist design, it is modern looking on the outside and humble on the inside. It also offers a good mix of tenants providing almost everything you need.


If you know me well, you know I go to shopping malls most of the time for meetings, events and to splurge!

For business people, Senayan City is the perfect spot for obvious reasons. It’s well located near Jakarta’s second central business district  (SCBD). Meet over a cuppa at Starbucks or lunch at the lovely Kitchenette, there are plenty of choices.



Good news for foodies! The LG level of Senayan is dedicated entirely to food and beverages! You’re going to find  JJ Royal Bistro (the urban version of JJ Royal Brasserie in Lotte), The Soup Spoon, Pondok Sunda, Burger King (Senayan City host the comeback), Krispy Kreme, Domino’s Pizza, Kafe Betawi, Han Gang, Secret Recipe and many more! A sumptuous variety of international F&B, decent selections of Indonesian food, Western food, Asian fusion, and tons of great pastries.

And here you can also find these cute cupcakes. Hermes cupcakes anyone?



But that’s not the end! More food on the fifth floor!! Everyone’s favorite pancake house Pancious is here and located just across Food Station, Sency’s signature foodcourt.  Aren’t you craving for the delicious Saboga’s meatballs or the awesome vegetarian food at Dharma Kitchen? Or KFC? If that’s not enough (you must be crazy), head to Urban Kitchen for more traditional fare.



The first Tous les Jours in Jakarta was in Senayan City.


For a fantastic night-out with that special someone, Portico is currently one of the hottest spot for dinner and wine enthusiasts. It offers a huge selection of wines from major regions. It’s menu is mostly western or western fusion creations.


If you’re craving for good Italian cuisine, then take the escalator down from Portico to Mamacita, an authentic Italian restaurant that offers delicious Italian food without ripping you off.

For the fashionista,  high-end brands like Gucci, Versace, Bottega Veneta, Tods, Salvatore Ferragamo, Calvin Klein and the only flagship store of Saint Laurent in Indonesia can be found on the ground floor.


For those looking for a more humble shopping experience, fret not, the mall also caters to affordable brands like ZARA, Miss Selfridge, Promod, Topshop and many more! Sency is also the first mall to bring in GAP & the Banana Republic.


Debenhams is the only department store in Senayan City and just like any other Debenhams, they’re huge spanning over a few floors offering almost everything you need in the house! Ranging from fashion, accessories, kitchen wares, home decor to appliances.

For home entertainment & gadgets, Best Denki is here to let you browse, discover, and experience the latest products at very competitive prices.


A modern Jakartan mall is never complete without it’s cinema. On the 5th floor is  Cineplex XXI, with 6 large theatres with comfortable seats and decent sound quality. Come Sunday morning, throngs of worshipers filled “The Hall” on the 8th floor, home to Gereja Bethel Indonesia (Indonesian Bethel Church).

Indonesia’s number one airline Garuda Indonesia has a representative office in Senayan City.


When I was writing this post, and I looked back to the time when I first visited this mall some 8 years ago, I remembered vividly how excited I was at the opening, with my mom and dad holding my hands touring the mall and now I see families bringing their kids and it was just like yesterday.

Since I was a kid, I love coming to the malls, and it got me thinking, maybe one day I will build a mall of my own, hopefully soon. Oh wtf this is getting emotional but I’m telling you the truth.

In a nutshell, Senayan City is one freaking awesome mall, whatever you need you can find here. It’s at a good location, if you are in the south, probably not so much for folks in north but at the moment, the south is where I feel I belong the most. It’s not just the place for upscale shoppers, but literally everyone, and you don’t feel intimidated.

Hey, Jakarta has been improving so much lately with the new government and I believe we’re heading the right way! Even the malls are getting more humble hahaha so bloody irrelevant but I just want to share a point here.

Let me know if you’ve been or planning to visit Jakarta and Senayan City, drop your comments below for any questions or suggestions!

  • Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19, Senayan, South Jakarta 10270
  • Telephone: 021 – 7278 1000
  • Opening Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM (daily)
  • Website: Senayan City
  • Facebook: Senayan City
  • Twitter: Senayan City

Getting There

The easiest way to travel in Jakarta is by taxi (lol) but the cheaper alternative to get Sency is to take the TransJakarta (coridor 1) and stop at Bundaran Senayan. Take the shortcut from Ratu Plaza to Plaza Senayan. Senayan City is just across the road. The TransJakarta fare is IDR 3,5k but with the newly implemented regulation, commuters are required to purchase a stored-value card at the station for IDR 40k.


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