Sunrise & Sunset @ Pulau Putri

The sunset cruise was really popular. Thankfully we got there early to get some butt space on the open air deck in front of the ship, which is the best spot for an unobstructed appreciation of the evening hues.


5:20pm… While capturing the sky’s transition from blue to gold, I turned green with envy of the jet ski rider. It must be such an exhilarating experience to weave adrenaline with such a beautiful scenery.


5:30pm… The sun drives a BMW home – Bewitching, Mesmerising, Wonderful.


5:45pm… The crimson yolk appears. But only for a fleeting moment. It goes fast because the sun drives a BMW, remember? LOL.


6:10 pm… Back on Putri Island jetty. The sunset cruise had been a beautiful experience. If only we brought along chilled wine or champagne!

Sunrise on Putri Island

Another thing to do on Putri Island is to catch the sunrise. As the small island is like a flat coin in the middle of the ocean, there are no hills or mountains to obscure a sunrise. But finding out the best spot to wait for sunrise was a little tricky. It would really help if Putri Island Resort puts up a sign to mark the ideal location.

We were told by the receptionist that the best spot was the coastline in front of the swimming pool. However, that was actually way off. So we followed the brightest area in the sky and walked towards it. The best spot, as it turned out, wasn’t too far from the chalet we stayed in (unit no. 51). I forgot to note the chalet unit where the sunrise spot was near but I think it should be in front of chalet number 45 or 46.


5:20am… We woke up at 5am to do the morning routine and hunt for the ideal sunrise spot.


5:26am… We went to the water’s edge in front of the swimming pool but the brightest spot in the sky was coming from behind us to the left so we trekked along the beach towards the light and passing by shadowy foliage against the brightening sky along the way.


5:34am… We hit the right spot as sun’s rays were making a break through the clouds.


6:11am… Unfortunately, the sunrise that day was shrouded by a thick cloudy cloak.


6:30am… But a gap in the cloud’s defense allowed the sun to pour forth its golden beams and rewarded our patience.


While waiting for the sunrise, I saw this alien-looking crab in the water beneath us. It moved a little and seemed to be waiting for the sunrise too but after a while, it just stood there for a really long time. So I moved closer to get a shot of it in the water. It didn’t move. Encouraged, I reached my hand into the water and picked it up.

That’s when I realized the little critter had passed on. That morning was its last sunrise. A new day had just begun but a life had ended. We took a photo of the crab with the sunrise it was waiting for before returning it to its watery home… now its grave.

Because of the dead crab, my sunrise reverie took on the epiphany to always Celebrate Life as tomorrow will come with or without you.

An Island Escapade to Remember

Before I felt I had snorkelled enough, it was time to bid Putri Island farewell and head back to Jakarta. Although I wasn’t too taken with the appearance of Putri Island Resort initially, I found myself falling under its unpretentious and laidback rustic charms soon enough.

What I really loved about Putri Island and Sepa Island are the colourful, thriving marine life so close to shore, making them excellent destinations for snorkelling… and urban cleansing!


One last leap into the minty clear waters before leaving? I was tempted. But I think coming back again for a longer stay would be a better option!

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