Taste Paradise @ Plaza Indonesia


It is ironic that it took being out of Singapore for me to learn about a home-grown restaurateur made good. Being a Singaporean and somewhat foodie, I was almost embarrassed to admit that I’ve not heard of Taste Paradise which originated as a humble ‘zi-char’ stall in a Defu Lane coffeeshop within one of Singapore’s industrial park.

Known as Seafood Paradise when it started in 2002, the small business had since grown into the Paradise Group of restaurants with a bevy of signature dining outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Japan. To make it so big from such humble beginnings, the food must be really something.

And it was.


Taste Paradise Jakarta celebrates the Grandeur of Chinese Dining both in taste and ambience. One amazing feature in the restaurant design of Taste Paradise is the creation of various dining settings – from the casual tea seating at the entrance to wooded nests with plush cushions to oriental boxes where curtains provide a screen for privacy to the resplendent open banquet hall hued in chrome and gold to 2 ornate VIP chambers, the restaurant is a library of eastern decorative styles. The VIP seating reflected in the mirror door that cleverly serves as a wall to conceal the exquisite chamber behind it.


We were hosted to lunch where we sampled items mainly from its Dim-Sum menu. Our opening dish was the restaurant’s popular Snow Mountain Bun (雪山包) with a sandy crust that crumbles to reveal the char-siew filling within. Having tried that Hong Kong brand dim sum restaurant that have Singaporeans queuing for hours for its Char-Siew Bao, I prefer this version at Taste Paradise. It is not oily and the bao skin’s texture flakes like savoury snow. Loved it!


Honey glazed char-siew that was fragrantly smoked and charred to perfection paired with crispy skin roast pork with a gelatinous layer of fat that melts in the mouth.


Soup-of-the-Day (left) and Rice-Skin Rolls wrapped with meat and seafood (cheong fun).




Top Left: Fluffy Egg-Tarts. Top Right: Flavourful Chicken-Feet.

Bottom Left: Siew-Mai with fish roe. Bottom Right: Pumpkin and yam cake.

The showstopper on the table was the flaming Claypot Kurobuta Pork Rice (left) while the creamed Cod Medallions (right) was a fine example of the culinary innovations that are unique to Taste Paradise.


Dessert was a trio of Avocado Ice-Cream, Coonde Oonde Durian Ice-Cream and Aloe Vera Jelly that were almost too cute to eat. Taste ranged from mild to sweet to sour-tangy which brought the sumptuous luncheon to a crescendo.

Taste Paradise is Eden on a plate!



Address : Plaza Indonesia South Gate, 4th Floor #01 JL. M.H. Thamrin kav 28 – 30, Jakarta 10350
Tel : +6221 2992 3838

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